Baby Bindery
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What is BabyBindery?

With John Caserta (JC), Catherine Leigh Schmidt (CLS), Lukas WinklerPrins (LW).

JC: Hey guys… back when you took HTML Output with me we made a chunk of javascript, Bindery, that prepared a set of web-native content to be printed, directly out of the browser, with some printing parameters.

CLS: That was cool.

LW: Yeah. It was a book generated in the browser.

JC: I want you two to work on updating this…

CLS: Make it more extensible and easy to use? Evan Brooks was the only one who really knew all the details.

LW: He was the maestro.

JC: Yeah, something like that. I want to be able to use this thing, to print out a blog, or a museum catalogue, or an interview project, or who knows what.

CLS: We can do that, for sure. The gist is, if you have a bunch of templated web content—like blog posts, or the catalogue for a museum show— which gets pumped through Jekyll to make your site, we want it to be easy to hit cmd-P and have a good-looking book!

LW: I think what we should do is keep the idea of Bindery.js, but scrap the spaghetti code we wrote as a class and get a clean slate. Make a little version.

CLS: A baby bindery.

JC: Sounds good. Babybindery can build a responsive book. Design your content for the web, then print. It handles the rest.

LW: As long as you’re using Jekyll.

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