Baby Bindery
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How Do I Install It?

Posted by Lukas & Cathy on

  1. First, embrace Jekyll as your static-site generator.
  2. Then, clone the babybindery repo and set it up in your directory of choice for local development. (Install Jekyll if you haven’t.)
  3. Decide what your content categories should be. We have started you off with “image,” “conversation,” “text,” and “other” (the last of which can really be a catchall). If you want to change these, please see the guide for “How Do I Change The Content Types?”.
  4. Hop into the css directory and make changes to your body, headings, headers, footers, and so forth. Careful though! Please look at the “Caveats” document for a couple warnings.
  5. Write your posts by working in the _posts directory. Make sure to check the posts we’ve provided to get a sense of the front matter you need to write. Then feel free to remove what we included.
  6. Once ready to publish, push to a gh-pages branch or do whatever necessary for your github pages to get working.

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