Baby Bindery
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What Babybindery Does

Posted by Lukas & Cathy on

Babybindery takes a set of categorized post content in Jekyll and turns it into a printable book, the styling of which is easily editable.

Babybindery is a collection of HTML layouts, includes, CSS files, and JS files that are designed to live in a Jekyll repository. The content should be in _posts.

We have print.html and print_twocol.html layouts that use Fremy CSS Regions Polyfill to pour the information (from book.html) in your Jekyll Posts collection into a book.

If you’re confident with CSS and know something about Liquid and Jekyll, it is simple to extend Babybindery’s capabilities, or trim it down to the bare essentials. We have done our best to apply minimal and extensible styling, so changes stay tidy. (We only recommend not touching the line-height.)

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